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We are your family owned and operated professional, high quality, fully licensed and insured moving service? With 50 years of experience, Price's Moving & Storage has been a trusted partner for households in Royersford, Collegeville, Pottstown and surrounding areas. Our experts will work diligently to move and relocate your belongings promptly and safely.PTlandscape
You can count on us to manage and handle all of the details and to know all the regulations and requirements of state-to-state and international moves. Price's Moving & Storage can also supply you with all of the packing materials to safely and efficiently move all of your residential belongings. With us, you don't have to worry about unnecessary and expensive delays.

(484) 854-1831

Simply give us a call and tell us about your move, including the date, the number and type of rooms in your household and about any unusual or large pieces of furniture. Our estimating experts will provide you with an affordable, up-front moving quote and secure the date that you need our services.
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